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Charity fundraising info

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There are often questions from parents/year groups about fundraising for charities. What do the school do? What can we do? Here is some more info to help guide you.

Each year there are three main fund raising events for the whole school that support both local and global charities.

Supporting local

Aldrington tends to fundraise for smaller charities that have less national support such as:

Annual effort

Each year the school carries out one large fundraising effort. Last year over £2,000 was rasied for Martlets with our very own Gooders – Shaun the Sheep. In 2023/24 the school’s main focus will be a global charity. More news to follow.

Year group fundraising

Given these difficult financial times, while the school doesn’t want families to feel expected to give more, extra fundraising is possible and welcome. So if anyone, or any year groups are interested in fundraising efforts please speak to their year Heads.